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Visit the Vintage Drags Event!

John's Rod & Custom invite you to join us in reliving the Golden Age of Drag Racing (1965 & Earlier) @ the Vintage Drag Races held at Bairnsdale Dragway (Australia) on March 30- April 1st 2018.

Mooneyes USA will be bring there world famous Mooneyes Dragster to Australia for the first time & will be doing smokey exhibition passes.

We are a group of like minded enthusiast that simply want to recreate the Golden Age of Drag Racing (1965 & earlier) & to try and help people understand what we are trying to do we have written up some rules, please respect them.

Rules for all Classes
1965 & Older Vehicles
Vehicles MUST be built in a manor that Emulates that of the time period (1965 & Earlier)
Wheels MUST be of a design from 1965 or earlier (NO BOLT ON SPINDLE MOUNT STYLE WHEELS!)
Wheels MUST be of a size of what would have been used in the Time Period (Tyres No wider than 5” on the Front & no wider than 12” on the Back)
Maximum of 10” wide rear rim
NO Radials tyres on open wheel Vehicles
Racing Slicks Must be of a Vintage Design (Wrinkle Wall Slicks are Fine)
Engine must be of 1965 & Earlier Design (NO Cleveland’s, Holden V8’s, LS’s Etc.)
Exposed Engine must have Period Correct Multiple Carburetion or Mechanical Injection,
Valve Covers (where Applicable) & Accessories
NO Billet Accessories
Interior must be 1960’s & earlier era style. No modern high back seats, gauges, etc..
* These are not safety Rules! But are here to ensure that the cars look of the period we aretrying to Emulate


All Entries must be Pre Approved & must Comply with the Spirit of the Event

Street Flathead
All Flathead Powered non competition cars
Use of OHV conversion such as Ardun, Dixon, etc. is prohibited in this class.

Competition Flathead
All Flathead Powered competition cars that are centre steer (EG Dragsters, Altered, etc.). Use of OHV conversion such as Ardun, Dixon, etc is prohibited in this class

Rules in this class will be based of South East Gasser Rules (But Pre 65 Body Style & Build Style Cut off)

Hot Rod
Pre 1948 Hot Rods (No Center Steer Cars)

Post 1935 Customs

Super Stock
For Vehicles that would of run the class in the 60’s such as Big Block 60-65 Galaxies, 409 Powered Chevys, Big Block B Bodys Plymouths & Dodges Etc. Limited to 9” Wide Slicks. No Major Body Modifications such as Roof Chops, Altered wheel bases Etc.

Maximum wheel base 112”, Centre Steer, Must sit in front of rear axle, 24" crank, centre line height minimum, Maximum of 12” Wide Slick

Front Engine Cars, Centre Steer, Must sit behind rear axle, Centre Steer. Competition Coupes & Roadster on dragster style frames also in this class. Maximum of 12” Wide Slick

Vintage Fuel
Open to all classes of Cars & Bikes that are running Nitromethane

Pre 1965 Hard Tail US & British Bikes, Pre 1965 Style Conventional Tyres Only

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